"We upgraded from a previous domain name to to build a memorable and catchy brand name. Since then, has taken off. We have experienced an increase in our SEO rankings and, in result, increased traffic to our website."
Kai Buehler

"We purchased to develop a new site to showcase our high quality vehicle tires for the consumer. Originally we planned to purchase a regional domain name for our business, but we had the foresight to know that a premium .com name would benefit us when we expanded globally."

"Your external brand is a reflection of your internal culture, so build a culture you would be proud to share."
Cameron Speck
Co-Founder President & COO,

"We wanted a name that would have a stickiness effect. A name we could play around and be creative with. A brand and a .com to be precise. The domain name is self-explanatory. We want our users to say...I created my sample board on SampleBoard."
Rosslyn Tebbutt
Founder of

"At a point we felt lost using the .net of our domain name. When we considered a premium .com domain name for our brand WaffleStop that was when we felt like an unstoppable brand."
Serkan Top

"I have built a social networking community using this space. The price was right, and the domain name sounded perfect for my advertisement."
Shaun Mitchell

"I run Trusted Tarot, one of the most popular free Tarot websites in the world.I was a bit nervous paying for the domain name upfront, but you did not disappoint me and I am so thrilled that my course has a new home."
Margaret Wells

"I see buying premium domain names like buying property in the best locations — they will always be valuable. Our website have significantly helped our growth & search engines."
Simon Milligton
Owner of

"Finding a premium domain name for a new fitness website is incredibly difficult. All the good names are either taken but I'm happy to get at a very good price."

"Though a premium domain price can be significant, its brand value is a major advantage to become a market leader.I definitely recommend a premium domain name."

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